Blackish- Medium Long
Blackish- Medium Long
Blackish- Medium Long

Blackish- Medium Long

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ImPressedGems can be worn ANYWHERE---ANYTIME. Press on today and take off whenever. Get press on nails for half of the cost and time! ImPressedGems serves to create access and facilitate beauty. Press on nails enables you to have the freedom to choose when and where you would like to wear nails  ANYWHERE---ANYTIME.

Each set includes 24 nails of 9 different sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for each fingernail. The application process is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Every set of nails can be filed and trimmed to your preferred length. Best of all, they can be reused for multiple occasions!


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Nail Length: Medium Long- As shown in the picture

Quantity: Approximately 24 pieces

Size: Various sizes included (Suitable for most nails)

Style: Pre-designed

Item Type: Coffin Press On

Nails Include:

  • 1 Adhesive glue tab (24 pieces)
  • Mini nail file
  • Nail remover/ Cuticle pusher
  • Alcohol pad
  • Regular nail glue (Based on availability)

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